The Journey of a Pearl

The beautiful result of nature’s design, one irritating grain of sand can cause an iridescent pearl to form.  National Wear Your Pearls Day on December 15 reminds us that when life throws dirt our way, we all have value in the end. We radiate light because of the layers of perseverance and strength we put into ourselves during the most trying of times. From the grit we become like pearls!

And just as pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so do Women & the kinds of trials thrown into our lives.  We create our own beauty from the tragedies of our lives but often do not see it.  We devalue ourselves & as a result, lose motivation to be a part of life.  Like pearls, we develop a process to protect ourselves from further damage, layer by layer becoming stronger, radiant, & more resourceful.  Recognizing the collective value of our strengths is like wearing our pearls. When life throws dirt your way, put on your pearls as a reminder that you have value regardless of your current circumstances.  Pop your pearls Ladies!

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To Observe:

The Registrar at National Day Calendar approved National Wear Your Pearls Day in 2015 & its inaugural year was December 2016. Share photos of you wearing pearls, tag @nationalwearyourpearlsday on Instagram & use #WearYourPearls or #NationalWearYourPearlsDay on social media. Foremost, don't forget on December 15th to wear your pearls!

To Nominate:

Use our nominate button to give us details on a Woman with true GRIT who you think has been impacted by events of the last year & who could use something beautiful in her life to boost her spirits! The Woman who has endured, sacrificed, loved & lost, or served on the pandemic front lines as a medical worker, store clerk, business owner, or stay-at-home Mom. Tell us her story about why she could use a real boost & what you think might be most appreciated by her. Every Woman is different & we'll try to gift something of value to her (based on her profile) on December 15th from the nominee(s) that are chosen. The nominee(s) & their gift (first name only), as well as the Sponsorship will be featured on social media with the #WearYourPearls and #NationalWearYourPearlsDay tags as well as call-outs affiliated with the Sponsor @nationalwearyourpearlsday on Instagram.


To Sponsor:

Consider being a NWYPD Sponsor & donating a product/service/gift card/cash (we welcome anything a Woman could use to increase her self-confidence) that could make the difference in one Woman's life. All gifts are fully tax deducible & The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has generously agreed to handle the sponsorships for NWYPD. We are always open to new sponsors who want to make a difference in one Woman's life. Join us in creating pearl positive change! Fill out the form, or email us to discuss your sponsorship via products, check (please make payable to NAMI Mid-Carolina), credit card, or via invoice! PLEASE MAIL SPONSORSHIP CHECKS TO: NAMI Mid-Carolina, 1823 Gadsden Street Columbia, SC 29201. NAMI is a NWYPD Tier 1 Sponsor and the accepting agency for all NWYPD donations. NAMI (501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID# is 57-0793024) is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. 

Email us at or call us at 803 875 0637 for more information on the advantages of a NWYPD Sponsorship. Sponsors will be fully recognized (names, tags, etc) on Dec 15th on social media along with their recipient as well as through-out the year. Follow us on Instagram or @nationalwearyourpearlsday.


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Please consider becoming a NWYPD Ambassador!  Are you interested in sharing the message of hope? Are you interested in being apart of a National campaign? We are looking for people to join this movement and spread the word about what NWYPD means! Join us!

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Best-selling author and motivational speaker, DeAnna Bookert from Columbia, SC, founded National Wear Your Pearls Day because pearls represented the story of her life & how she struggled with depression.  “I wear pearls as a reminder that I have purpose and value.”  Subsequently with the death of her husband in 2015, DeAnna’s battle continued but she decided she would not give up & she will continue to grow & flourish in her faith, love, & passion for helping ours. DeAnna strongly believes her purpose is to help increase the quality of life & standard of living for all individuals & families especially those impacted by mental illness. 

DeAnna Bookert - The Bookert Agency

Consultant | Author| Empowerment Speaker | National Wear Your Pearls Day Founder