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National Wear Your Pearls Day
reminds us that when life throws grit our way,
we all have value in the end.
Life's grit becomes ours:
GRIT = Guts & Resilience & Initiative & Tenacity!
Wear your pearls as a reminder that you have purpose and value!

DeAnna Bookert, Founder of National Wear Our Pearls Day

This past year has been really hard and many Women have been disenfranchised, separated from the work force, or suffered immensely in a personal and professional sense.

We came together as jewelers, beauty & lifestyle brands, & health care organizations because we believe that it’s important to help those Women who have experienced set-backs regain a small sense of normalcy and confidence.


We will be accepting nominees for a NWYPD "Love Gift" for deserving Women. To nominate a Woman with GRIT, click on the page: Nominate a Woman with GRIT or follow the link below!

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Love Gift Giveaway

Just as pearls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so do Women & the kinds of trials thrown into our lives, especially during this pandemic!

GRIT = Guts & Resilience & Initiative & Tenacity.

The "grit" in each of us represents the fortitude, strength, stamina, & perseverance that serves as the seed that allows the pearl that is who we are to grow & become special, lustrous, & beautiful! Recognizing the collective value of our strengths is like wearing our pearls.

Nominate a deserving Women in your life to sign-up for the product giveaway.


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We are always open to new sponsors who want to make a difference in one Woman's life. Join us in creating pearl positive change!

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